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This work stems from a two year research I developed as part of the “Museums, Bedrooms and Trees” project and from a month residence in Village des Arts (Dakar-Senegal) in January 2005.
As observed over two working periods I had spent in Dakar, a BEDROOM could be "any place where a mattress could be placed".

I wanted to explore the potential meanings of the concept 'bedroom' in Senegal. So taking this definition as a starting point I made the following performance:
I bought a mattress and carried it for a whole day. When I had to stop, and in order to leave the mattress on the floor, I asked to whoever was nearby: “Sorry, where could I place the mattress?” (With this formula I would keep the existing distance with the analysed subject).

I took photos of every place in which I placed the mattress.


Supported by the Spanish Ministery of Culture (Madrid) (“National Fund for the Promotion of Spanish Art and New Tendencies in the Arts).

Shown in Village des Arts (Dakar) 2005 and Sala Pequeña (Logroño-Spain).

With Thanks to Julio Hontana and David García Casado

Published by Sala Pequeña with the support of the Government of La Rioja, IRJ, EASD, Promete Foundation and Arsys.es (La Rioja-Spain)



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