696 pulsations   [show/hide text]

696 pulsations is a site-specific work that took place in Casa Leibniz (Madrid) in February 2016 where I was the independent invited artist. Curator Beatriz Alonso and artist Isabel Marcos contribute to the work with a text and some drawings and interventions on the building's floor plans.

Four weeks before the exhibition I ran for three hours in the exhibition space. I wanted to measure the empty building with my heartbeat. I stopped at several points to record my pulsations.
Each measurement corresponds to a distance run in the building.
In the exhibition, a number of performers were representing the resulting 696 pulsations at different points of the space. The only instruction they got, from me, was the number of pulsations that they should reach by, for example, going through an emotion, a particular movement, or the lack of it. Central to the work was that very invisible moment in which the performer, the artist and the space might connect and become the same thing.

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