Pulsations   [show/hide text]

A few weeks before the exhibition, I ran for hours through the empty building. I wanted to measure the space with my heartbeat; I wanted to run myself ragged, bouncing off the walls of that gorgeous architecture in order to find the limits of my own resistance.
I stopped in various locations to take my pulse.
For the exhibition I worked with a group of performers who would have to represent the pulsations that I had reached at various points of the building.

At every point there appeared a number of pulsations, those which every performer would have to reach through the memory of an emotion, of some type of physical force, of a posture or of whatever other vehicle which they considered adequate. The performers could move themselves throughout the whole space once they always took their pulse at the same point that I had taken mine weeks before.
For the duration of the performance, the beats of the performers were synchronized with mine giving place to a type of magical alignment in which the artist, the architecture and the visitors were converted into the one intensity.

- What sets you apart from the public is that you are architecture: you are the walls, the stairs or the space between the doors. Imagine that with the intensity of your heartbeat you can transform the structure of this palace, fold the walls, wrinkle the architecture.

A sound piece, recorded while running in empty space, occupies the intermediate spaces throughout the exhibition.

La timidité des cimes, curated by beatriz Alonso
Frac Lorraine (Metz, France)
MARCO (Vigo, Spain)

Artfulness, curated by Nerea Ubieto
Centre del Carme (Valencia, Spain)

Casa Leibniz (Madrid)