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This is the first part of 'Asoman las raíces' a two site-specific solo shows curated by Beatriz Alonso for Alegría Gallery in Madrid in 2005.

The work is an immediate reaction to the gallery space; a dark and dump space under the main gallery space. Both its architecture and ambient conditions, reminded me of La Rioja’s domestic wineries very popular in rural vernacular architecture.

During the first January waning moon in 2015 I collected water from a natural spring in Sierra de Ocón in La Rioja. I was assisted by Floren, a farmer living in the area who collects that magic water every year. Popular wisdom says that water collected -in natural springs- during January first waning moon doesn’t decay if kept protected from sun and moonlight, preferably in cellar. Throughout the exhibition in Madrid Lujan, who worked in the gallery, offered a glass of water to the visitors. A few people refused the offer and many others tasted that incredibly fresh water that was collected in a remote mountain five months before. The piece only worked during her –Lujan’s- working hours, altering the use of a space –cellars- traditionally used by men.

(Photos: Iván García Fernández y Miguel Solís)