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Concierto Menú is a site-specific project consisting in a recital of recipes that was presented at Conde Duque Cultural Centre (Madrid) as part of the Gastrofestival in February 2016. It investigates the basis of storytelling and common knowledge in relation to music and gastronomy.

Two months before the concert, Conde Duque launched an open call in which neighbours were encouraged to submit their personal recipes. I sound-recorded the selected recipes while cooked by the participant neighbours at their kitchens. Those recordings were the starting point to local composers and musicians - cellist Sergio Menem, the duo Treme and the band Melange- to compose a number of ‘menus’ that were performed in a recital.

Details of the composers, recipes and participant cooks were facilitated to the audience in the concert leaflet.
The recital was followed by an open discussion.

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