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Fog is a participatory artistic intervention work intended to be developed in the landscape. The large fog banks that move across the landscape are the actual starting point of this project. I had created a "portable fog kit" from different photograhps of fog taken in Dolomitas (Italy). The "kit" is presented to the inhabitants of a given city at a meeting in which people are welcomed to book Fog. Each participant can book Fog in order to be installed during one day in whatever public space they require. Fog could be exceptionally installed in private areas only if opening hours to the public are provided. All request forms to install Fog in the city are used by the artist to construct a calendar containing the dates and locations in which Fog will take place in the city.
Fog functions according to the temporal availability of the audience, and, as real fog, moves in the landscape, appearing and disappearing eventually.
The resulting daily documentation process -letters, impressions, photographs, video and sound recordings, etc.- become a documentation base of accumulative work generated by Fog. This material will be available for its display if requested by the gallery/museum.


Reviewed by Esperanza Collado in Experimental Conversations, Cork (Ireland)

Commissioned by Arte en La Tierra and the Government of La Rioja (Spain) and supported by Thisisnotashop gallery (Dublin-Ireland), Kaldarte (Pontevedra -Spain), Cervantes Institute Dublin and Margenes Festival.

Fog has been exhibited in Arte en La Tierra (Santa Lucía de Ocón-Spain), Margenes Festival (Dublin) and Kaldarte (Pontevedra-Spain).

With Thanks to Félix José Reyes, Esperanza Collado, Javier Tudela, Juanjo Fuentes and Jessamyn Fiore.

Photo: Demetrio Navaridas

Photo: Demetrio Navaridas



Photo: Demetrio Navaridas

Photo courtesy of Iraida Cano



Photo: Félix Guerra