The simphonic city   [show/hide text]

Performance and sculpture
La Rioja (Spain)

In Spain there are laws which protect the cavities of the facades of the built environment for its capacity to house migratory birds.
A few months ago I had a meeting with an urban planning technician from the Madrid City Council in which I pretended to be the owner of the building where I live. I verified that, in spite of the existence of these laws, I could obtain a license to restore the facade without regard for the cavities which house or could eventually house migratory birds.
I have my studio and my family in La Rioja, in one of the Spanish municipalities most affected by the housing bubble. Last January I registered, with white clay, a series of nest-holes in a number of abandoned constructions. Each piece is a cast that reveals the encounter of my body with the various architectures. This encounter unfolds into a deep dialogue with the material and its processes and places the pieces - and the bodies that hold them - in the landscape that precedes a story.

ARCO 2017 and SCULTO 2018 (La Rioja, Spain) with Espacio Valverde