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(Un)Promised Land is an installation that investigates the basis of storytelling and site-specificity in relation to migration movements. Building on the outcomes of a collaborative research process and personal experiences of migration, I elaborated on a collection of migration facts that are central to the work. It focuses on the shift of expectations when it comes to positioning in contemporary societies and politics. Concepts such as freedom, enthusiasm and suspension are at the core of this project and appear under different forms: an accident, a wrong or an unexpected situation. Scientific facts and emotional heritage/ debris alternate in the final installation.

The work was a response to Otherwise, a group show curated by Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll for Alternativa 2014 at Wyspa Institute of Art (Gdansk-Poland) featuring work by Kennedy Browne, Elaine Reynolds, Ella de Burca Jesse Jones and Seamus Nolan. The exhibition aims to explore the geopolitical meaning of the term West in the context of migration and precarity within postindustrial societies.

In the installation:

Recovered wooden floor taken from a Dublin house following a domestic gas explosion. The recovered material debris then traveled to Gdansk in a truck.
Dublin (Ireland), 2014

(shelf 1) Photo of Ana posing in front of the building site of the factory where she will work.
Logroño (Spain), 1974

(shelf 2) Glass of water and transcription (on acetate paper) of the territorial calls of two migrating birds from a street in Johannesburg made by an ornithologist. One bird came from Europe and the other from India. They emigrate every year to Johannesburg; a great concrete city with no natural sources of water that was built only because of the gold mines. Those birds travel there every year driven by the pure desire to be ‘there’, in that ‘(Un)Promised Land’.
Johannesburg (South-Africa), 2011

Photo by Ella de Burca

(Un)Promised Land  

Photo by Ella de Burca

Photo by Ella de Burca