The Rain Project   [show/hide text]

with Paco Ramos and Chequerboard as special guests

This was a three person interdisciplinary collaboration at Via Farini, Milan, involving musician John Lambert (aka Chequerboard) visual artist Paco Ramos, and I. The exhibition, which culminated the residency, took place over two days, the 7th and 8th of February 2009.
The work was installation based. I invited Paco Ramos and John Lambert to contribute during this residency.

Paco Ramos made two site-specific drawings in the space.
John Lambert created a series of sound pieces, composed from incidental recordings over the course of the residency.

My intervention was an attempt to describe the architecture of the space, the position of the building and the duration of our time in the building.
Daylight, and its movement in the space was one of its strongest features. I re-drew the shapes of light that fell on the ground of the space with bubble wrap and small, geometrically ordered fields of lentels, beans and chick peas. I grew the sheeds in cotton beds.

The height of the chick pea plants at the show was a function of, or a direct expression of, the sunlight into the space and duration of my being there.

The position of the building stems from a series of decisions made by architects and planners, decisions based on architectural context, orientation relative to the sun, and decisions based on the politics of urban planning specific to Milan. These are legible and transparent decisions. My description of the building expressed all of these influences but not in an recognisable architectural language. My description was a ground level improvisation. Our work combined to give a brief history-from-below of the space.

Supported by the Goverment of La Rioja (Spain)

Completed and shown in Via Farini (Milan)

With Thanks to Gabi Scardi, Félix José Reyes, Helga Franza and Luca Lampo