This is what happens when you are not here   [show/hide text]

(The Rain Project II)
curated by Áine Ivers

This is what happens when you are not here starts from an analysis of the exhibition space. Only in the morning, as I was in the exhibition space, the light there changed within seconds and minutes, in quick fadings in and out. Rather than being stable, everything seemed to move in a frenetic wave of changing intensities. I focused my attention on the traces of light that penetrated through the windows near the ceiling. A large, discontinuous line of light divided the space in two parts with different brightnesses and luminosities. I decided to make things happen in the lightest part and I made seeds, planted sequentially, during the three weeks.
The exhibition was only open in the evening, when nothing was happening in the space. So my work consisted in the recreation of a different moment of light in the same space. The whole work is presented as a living organism; a process sensitive to light and time as a way of being in the space.

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Shown at The Market Studios, Dublin 2009

Awarded by Logroño City Council (Spain)

With Thanks to Ronan Mc Call.